Svelte Images

If you are in the market seeking a well-established, professional photographer, Svelte Images is available to help you develop a first class portfolio. Our studio has significant experience in shooting professional models who have been able to move on to great success within the modelling industry.

A creative and professional portfolio is absolutely necessary in order to gain access to top modelling jobs in one of the most competitive industries in the world. We have spent years and much time refining our artistry. We specialise in shooting elegant, sophisticated nudes for males and females, boudoirs and portraits. Over the years, we have also acquired a particular eye and feel for the latest trends in fashion and style as well as the current requirements coming from top modelling agencies from all over the world.

For our clients, we offer much more that a photographer taking a picture with a beautiful model. We offer a true collaboration between art and the artist. Upon the initial visit, we want to establish a tremendous working relationship. We want to take the time to clearly understand what our clients want and expect from their professional portfolio. With a clear sense of the real objectives, we will work with our client to provide a portfolio that reflects who they are and what they want to represent as a professional model.

Photography is the art of capturing a moment in time that conveys much more than a simple picture. A model’s portfolio should include a collection of professionally crafted photographs that will tell the viewers a story about the model. These photographs need to share the depth, emotion, attitude and beauty of the subject. At Svelte Images, that is exactly what we do. We tell the story our clients want to share with the world about who they are as professional models and individuals.

When you reach the point in your career where a professional modelling portfolio is needed to make a difference, you need Svelte Images of Sydney, Australia. We are here to work as your partner and advocate in developing a visual tour of you as a professional model. You can put your trust in us as we employ our experience and creativity to help you establish yourself in the most exciting industry in the world.